Measuring Front of Sofas, Love Seats and chairs

  1. Bottom Inside Width: Measure from the lowest point at back across.
  2. Top Inside Width: Measure from top of arm to top of arm on other Side.
  3. Inside Center Back Height (measure from bottom at deck level to where inside back meets with outside back at the center)
  4. Inside Side Depth.
  5. Top Front Width.
  6. Front Bottom Width.
  7. Skirt Height if present or desired.
  8. Deck Height.
  9. Front Total arm (Measure from deck level inside , over the arm to the side, to the bottom or top of skirt if present or desired.)
  10. Back Total Arm (Repeat I above at point where arm meets back.)
  11. Arm Face Height (measure from highest point to bottom)
  12. Arm Face Width at widest point.
  13. Arm Face Width at deck level.

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